Sheep Fire Incident Resource Page (archived)

Sheep Fire

Page Last Updated: June 13, 2022

Information per InciWe
Start Date: June 11, 2022
Initial Location:Sheep Creek, near Wrightwood, CA in San Bernardino County
Initial Latitude/Longitude: 34.354, -117.609

Latitude / Longitude Used: 34.354, -117.609 (initial)

10 Miles Radius Zip Codes: 92397, 92329, 92372, 92371, 92358, 91759

10 Miles Radius Towns/Cities: Wrightwood, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Lytle Creek, Mt Baldy

20 Miles Radius Zip Codes: 92397, 92329, 92372, 92371, 92358, 91759, 93544, 92344, 91737, 91784, 91701, 92392, 91750, 92345, 91739, 92336, 93553, 91711, 91729, 93563, 91786, 91730, 91785, 92377, 92322, 92340, 91741, 92407, 91764, 91767

20 Miles Radius Towns/Cities: Wrightwood, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Lytle Creek, Mt Baldy, Llano, Hesperia, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Victorville, La Verne, Fontana, Pearblossom, Claremont, Valyermo, Rialto, Cedarpines Park, Glendora, San Bernardino, Ontario, Pomona

Zip Code & Town/City information pulled from FreeMapTools – Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius

Mile radius size reference points: 10 mile radius covers about 314 sq miles, 20 mile radius covers about 1,257 sq miles, 25 mile radius covers about 1,963 sq miles

Acreage size reference points: 1 football field = about 1.3 acres; 640 acres = 1 sq mile;
12,800 acres = 20 sq miles; 32,000 acres = 50 sq miles; 96,000 acres = 150 sq miles; 320,000 acres = 500 sq miles; 480,000 acres = 750 sq mile.

Note about size reference points – fires rarely burn in nice even circles, therefore these reference points are general guides and the shape of the fire perimeter must be taken into account (e.g. a fire burn area may be significantly less than the 1,257 sq miles covered by a 20 mile radius yet extend beyond the 20 mile radius because the burn area is long but narrow).

Fire Information

CAL FIRE Incident Page

InciWeb Incident Page

Southern California Geographic Coordination Center News & Notes

MODIS & VIIRS Satellite Fire Activity Map
red dots = last 12 hours, orange dots = 12-24 hours, yellow dots = last 24-48 hours

NASA FIRMS Satellite Fire Activity Map (downloadable NASA FIRMS – KMZ and Shapefiles)

AlertWildfire Webcams – Some AlertWildfire Webcam rotate and may be pointing away from the fire. You can also navigate to any other AlertWildfire Webcam from the links below.

Table 2      Table 1

Additional resources via CRA Wildfire Quick Links Page

Additional County Information Links are towards the bottom with the social media feeds

Evacuation & Shelter Information

For specific evacuation orders and warnings, follow the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Twitter site: @sbcountysheriff.

American Red Cross – Open Shelters


Average Number of Persons per Household:
San Bernardino County: 3.30          State average: 2.94

San Bernardino County Percent of Persons:
Under 5 Years: 7.0%      Under 18 Years: 26.1%     Over 65 Years: 11.9%

Owner-occupied housing unit rate:
San Bernardino County: 60.1%        State average: 55.3%

Data from US Census Bureau (2021 data)
Note – unless otherwise noted, these are county demographics and local conditions may differ some.

Power & Gas

CalTrans Webcams – If CalTrans Webcam shows “Temporarily Unavailable” – This condition is caused by a problem communicating with the remote camera site to retrieve the picture (JPEG) image.

SR-2 : Wrightwood Fire Station         SR-138 : 0.15 Miles East of SR-2

Map of all CalTrans Webcams

Air Quality & Smoke Links


Wind Map

Temperature Map

National Weather Service Watches, Warnings, and Advisories

RSS San Bernardino

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Regional Fuel Conditions

Burning Index

Burning Index

100-Hour Fuel Moisture

100 Hour Fuel Moisture

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