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The California Resiliency Alliance membership is comprised of diverse array of professionals with operational or organizational resiliency responsibilities.

Our members’

Job responsibilities span – Emergency Management; Business Continuity; Cyber Security; Physical Security; Logistics & Procurement; Facilities; Public Health; Human Resources, and Economic Development.

Come from across the sectors – Public, Private, and NGO.

Have a variety of geographic areas of responsibility – it may cover only a small footprint such as a one city to being responsible for global operations; and anywhere in-between. There are even some members who find value in joining the CRA even though they do not have any direct operational or operational responsibility in California.

To help align communications with member interests the CRA uses a dynamic distribution list based on member profiles. Once a membership application is accepted you will receive an email to complete a CRA member profile that allows you select your own areas of interest including hazards/threats, infrastructures, counties.

Membership Tiers





Access to Online Quick Links Collections and Incident Resource Pages

Emailed Situation Reports, Incident Briefings, and Resource Collections





Individual Basic


Access to the CRA’s Reference Library (This library is a comprehensive database of plans, exercises, hazard assessments, and after actions reports from around the state and more.)

Receive Domestic and International Resource Report Sharing Emails, Opt-in (These emails are comprised of reports and resources found while compiling CRA material that are outside the CRA’s scope and mission.)

Community  Resiliency Leader*



Resilience Champion level for 5 employees


Logo on the CRA Website

Recognition on CRA’s Social Media Platforms

Community Resiliency Advocate



Resilience Champion level for 10 employees


Community Resiliency Leader Tier Benefits


Concierge “Reference Librarian” assistance with the CRA’s Reference Library

Community Resiliency Champion



Resilience Champion level for unlimited # of employees


Community Resiliency Advocate Tier Benefits


Recognized as a CRA funding supporter in resource collection briefs

Exercise development consultation and research support (up to 10 hours total)

* The Community Resiliency Leader tier is available for micro businesses with fewer than 50 employees and government entities.

The CRA is primarily funded by its membership. Consider joining at the Resiliency Champion or higher tier to support not just the CRA financially, but also you and your employees with enhanced access to information. All memberships start with the Individual Basic tier. To learn more about the other tiers please Contact Us.

Individual Basic Membership Application

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