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The California Resiliency Alliance membership is comprised of diverse array of professionals.

Our members’ job responsibilities span – Emergency Management; Business Continuity; Cyber Security; Physical Security; Logistics & Procurement; Facilities; Public Health; Human Resources, and Economic Development.

Our members come from across the sectors – Public, Private, and NGO.

Individual membership is offered at no cost and is open to professionals who’s activities support organizational, local, and regional resiliency efforts in the public, private, and/or NGO sectors.

To help align communications with member interests the CRA uses a dynamic distribution list based on member profiles. Once a membership application is accepted you will receive an email to complete a CRA member profile that allows you set your own areas of interest.


Corporate Memberships: Financial support for the California Resiliency Alliance (CRA) comes through corporate memberships. This membership level not only helps fund the work of the CRA, but also provides employees of the organization who are CRA members with extra access to information sharing. To learn more about about corporate memberships contact us.


Current Members: If you have questions about your membership profile please contact us.

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