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The California Resiliency Alliance membership is open to professionals with operational or organizational resiliency responsibilities.

Our members’

Job responsibilities span – emergency management; business continuity; cyber security; physical security; logistics & procurement; facilities; public health; human resources, and economic development.

Come from across the sectors – public, private, and NGO.

Have a variety of geographic areas of responsibility – it may cover only a small footprint such as one faulty on one city or being as large as the globe; or anywhere in-between. There are even members who find value in joining the CRA even though they do not have any direct operational or organizational responsibility in California.

Membership is no-cost. The CRA believes money should not be a barrier to accessing information for resiliency professionals. This is only possible because of the generous support of members and organizations. To learn more about how you or your organization can support the work of the CRA visit our Support the CRA page.

Overview of the CRA’s Information Sharing

Situation Briefs/Notices: These briefs provide situational awareness information around specific events and hazards. Their issuance may be 1) event driven such as for PSPS events, earthquakes, or floods; or 2) recurring such as with the wildfire, infectious disease, and drought updates.

Resource Collection Briefs: These briefs bring together collections of resource and reference links around specific topics. The briefs are designed to support planning and preparedness activities.

Information Briefs: These briefs provide members with more in depth information on specific issues and/or evolving threats that may impact California in the future.

Incident Resource Webpages: These webpages bring together resource links, maps, and social media feeds for specific incidents. They can be accessed either via the CRA homepage or the general Incident Resources Page, which included active and archived pages for the current and previous year.

Quick Links Webpages: These are similar to the resource collection briefs in that they bring together collections of links around specific topics, but are more focused on resources of use for response and situational awareness. You can access all the Quick Link Pages vie the Quick Link Collection Page. Depending on the season, certain ones are also feature and accessible via the CRA homepage.

To help align communications with member interests the CRA uses a dynamic distribution list based on member profiles. Once a membership application is accepted you will receive an email to complete a CRA member profile that allows you select your own areas of interest including hazards/threats, infrastructures, and counties.

Individual Basic Membership Application

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