Empowering local and regional resiliency through cross-sector partnerships and information sharing

Connecting people and organizations to build a network of networks, empowering local resiliency efforts.

Supporting Business Operations Centers in local emergency operations centers to connect the public and private sectors during times of crisis.

Sharing information, tools, and resources across sectors to facilitate regional resiliency coordination and planning.

Upcoming Resiliency Events

Events hosted by the CRA and/or our Partners.

Recent Communications

The CRA uses a dynamic distribution list to share information with members based on interests. Here is an overview of recent announcements of events and reports, briefs, and sit reps:

  • Weekly Wildfire Brief
  • California Dept. of Public Health Monthly Infectious Disease Reports
  • National Weather Service Weather Threat Brief
  • Santa Ana Wind Seasonal Outlook
  • Event Announcement: DHS Cyber Awareness Briefing Webinars
  • Report: Las Vegas 1 October Mass Casualty Shooting Investigative Report (Sharing a Resource)
  • Report: Report: An Analysis of Attempts by Terrorists and Other Extremists to Derail Trains or Disrupt Rail Transportation (Sharing a Resource)

Join the California Resiliency Alliance

The California Resiliency Alliance membership is comprised of diverse array of professionals.

Our members’ job responsibilities span – Emergency Management; Business Continuity; Cyber Security; Physical Security; Logistics & Procurement; Facilities; Public Health; Human Resources, and Economic Development.

Our members come from across the sectors – Public, Private, and NGO.

Individual membership is offered at no cost and is open to professionals who’s activities support organizational, local, and regional resiliency efforts in the public, private, and/or NGO sectors.

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