Empowering local and regional resiliency through cross-sector partnerships and information sharing

The California Resiliency Alliance (CRA) is a 501C(3) non-profit sitting at the nexus between the public and private sectors facilitating cross-sector information sharing and partnerships to empower local and regional resilience. The CRA facilitates information sharing across public-private sectors and across industry sectors. We are active during both steady-state (blue sky), times of response, and are also working to expand capacity to better support information sharing during long-term recovery.

Our membership is comprised of individuals from the private and public sectors with resilience related responsibilities.

The CRA:

  • Connects people and organizations to build a network of networks, empowering local resiliency efforts.
  • Supports local emergency management to connect the public and private sectors during times of crisis.
  • Shares information, tools, and resources across sectors to facilitate regional resiliency coordination and planning.

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California Resiliency Alliance Membership

Individual membership is offered at no cost and is open to professionals who’s activities support organizational, local, and regional resiliency efforts in the public, private, and/or NGO sectors.

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