CRA Reference Library

CRA Reference Library

The California Resiliency Alliance’s (CRA) Reference Library is a comprehensive database of plans, exercises, hazard assessments, and after actions reports. It’s primary focus is California, but it also includes documents from other states and countries.

The Library is an added perk for CRA members providing financial support to the CRA at the Resiliency Champion and Community Resiliency levels. To learn more about the added perks of becoming a financial contributor of the CRA, please visit our Support the CRA page.

Access to the library requires you to be logged in (login button is to the right).

If you forgot your password, you will need to contact Monika Stoeffl.

Event Reports (California, Other US States, and International)
Year.Month of Event – Event – Document Title
Note – for events such wildfires which can burn for several weeks, the month of ignition is used

COVID Reports
Region – Year.Month of Report Publication – Document Title

Exercise Scenarios & Situation Manuals
Folders for incident types and sectors. Within each folder, files are labeled by Document Title, Source, Year. Note: copies of the same document may be filed in different folders. For example an active shooter scenario in a school setting will be in both the active shooter folder and the schools folder.  (Exercise Scenarios & Situation Manuals files are currently being relabeled to align with the new file categorization.)

Exercise After Action Reports
Category – Year of Exercise – Exercises Title – Document Title

Plans & Hazard Assessments for California
State & Region Level Documents
– California or Region – Year of Document Publication – Category – Document Title
Note – regional level documents may also instead be duplicated and listed individually under the counties they cover

County/City/Special District Level Documents (sorted into folders by county)
City/District, if applicable – Year of Document Publication/Approval – Document Title