Early September 2022 Heatwave Incident Resource Page (archived)

Early September Heatwave

Page Last Updated: September 3, 2022


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CAISO Emergency Notifications: List of Current Notices (Active & Pending)

Emergency Notifications Fact Sheet

Flex Alerts: A Flex Alert is a call to consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity when the ISO anticipates using nearly all available resources to meet demand. Reducing energy use during a Flex Alert can prevent more dire measures, such as moving into EEA notifications, emergency procedures, and even rotating power outages.

Energy Emergency Alert Watch: Analysis shows all available resources are committed or forecasted to be in use, and energy deficiencies are expected. Market participants are encouraged to offer supplemental energy. This notice can be issued the day before the projected shortfall or if a sudden event occurs.

Energy Emergency Alert 1: Real-time analysis shows all resources are in use or committed for use, and energy deficiencies are expected. Market participants are encouraged to offer supplemental energy and ancillary service bids. Consumers are encouraged to conserve energy.

Energy Emergency Alert 2: ISO requests emergency energy from all resources and has activated its emergency demand response program. Consumers are urged to conserve energy to help preserve grid reliability.

Energy Emergency Alert 3: ISO is unable to meet minimum Contingency Reserve requirements and controlled power curtailments are imminent or in progress according to each utility’s emergency plan. Maximum conservation by consumers requested.

Curtailed and Non-operational Generators

The California ISO publishes a snapshot of the curtailment and non-operational generation units in the following balancing authorities: CAISO, BANC, TIDC, LADWP and IID. The anticipated publishing time for this snapshot report is 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time. This report reflects the status of units at the time that the report is produced for the current trade date. This snapshot is based on the best information available to the ISO.

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