Colorado Fire Incident Resource Page (archived)

Colorado Fire

Page Last Updated: January 22, 2022

Information per CAL FIRE
Start Date: January 21, 2022
Initial Location: Palo Colorado Canyon, Big Sur, south of Carmel-by-the-sea
Initial Latitude/Longitude: 36.396461, -121.880533

Latitude / Longitude Used: 36.396461, -121.880533

10 Miles Radius Zip Codes: 93923

10 Miles Radius Towns/Cities: Carmel

20 Miles Radius Zip Codes: 93923, 93921, 93922, 93944, 93940, 93953, 93943, 93924, 93942, 93950, 93955

20 Miles Radius Towns/Cities: Carmel,Carmel By The Sea,Monterey,Pebble Beach,Carmel Valley,Pacific Grove,Seasid

Zip Code & Town/City information pulled from FreeMapTools – Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius

Mile radius size reference points: 10 mile radius covers about 314 sq miles, 20 mile radius covers about 1,257 sq miles

Acreage size reference points: 1 football field = about 1.3 acres; 640 acres = 1 sq mile;
12,800 acres = 20 sq miles

Note about size reference points – fires rarely burn in nice even circles, therefore these reference points are general guides and the shape of the fire perimeter must be taken into account (e.g. a fire burn area may be significantly less than the 1,257 sq miles covered by a 20 mile radius yet extend beyond the 20 mile radius because the burn area is long but narrow).

Fire Information

CAL FIRE Incident Page

MODIS & VIIRS Satellite Fire Activity Map
red dots = last 12 hours, orange dots = 12-24 hours, yellow dots = last 24-48 hours

NASA FIRMS Satellite Fire Activity Map (downloadable NASA FIRMS – KMZ and Shapefiles)

AlertWildfire Webcams – Some AlertWildfire Webcam rotate and may be pointing away from the fire. You can also navigate to any other AlertWildfire Webcam from the links below.

Keig/ Yankee Point

Additional resources via CRA Wildfire Quick Links Page

Additional County Information Links are towards the bottom with the social media feeds

Evacuation & Shelter Information

Average Number of Persons per Household:
County: 3.27          State: 2.95

County Percent of Persons:
Under 5 Years: 6.9%       Under 18 Years: 26.0%      Over 65 Years: 14.0%

Owner-occupied housing unit rate, 2015-2019:

Data from US Census Bureau (estimate July 1, 2021 data)
Note – unless otherwise noted, these are county demographics and local conditions may differ some.

Power & Gas

CalTrans Webcams – If CalTrans Webcam shows “Temporarily Unavailable” – This condition is caused by a problem communicating with the remote camera site to retrieve the picture (JPEG) image.

SR-1 : Carmel Valley Road

Map of all CalTrans Webcams


Air Quality & Smoke Links


Wind Map

Temperature Map

National Weather Service Watches, Warnings, and Advisories

Regional Fuel Conditions

Burning Index

Burning Index

100-Hour Fuel Moisture

100 Hour Fuel Moisture

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