Supply Chain Quick Links

Supply Chain Quick Links Collection

This Quick Links page provides a collection reference and resource links for general supply chain awareness. The first sections are general links that span across sectors and modes of transportation. The second section focuses on different types of supply chain (fuel, food, water, pharmaceutical) and the third section is broken out by different modes of transportation (truck, marine, rail, air). The last section contains other links.

General Awareness Links

US DOT Supply Chain Indicators: This U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics led interagency working group provides a monthly overview on supply chain indicators and activity.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s National Economic Indicators: This national level data is updated weekly and includes several supply chain related charts: Indexes of Manufacturing Activity, Capacity Utilization Rate – Manufacturing, Institute for Supply Management’s Business Survey Indexes, Manufacturers’ New Orders, Business Inventory/Sales Ratio, Retail Sales, Consumer Spending and Income, Commodity Price Indexes, and Crude Oil Prices.

FreightWaves: While FreightWaves is primarily a price, demand, and capacity data provider (for-cost), they also have a freight logistics news media platform which is openly accessible: Top Stories and News Headlines, Chart of the Week, Weather & Critical Events, American Shipper News, and SONAR Freight Market Updates.

Global Supply Chain Pressure Index: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s index integrates transportation cost data and manufacturing indicators to provide a gauge of global supply chain conditions.

Links for Specific Commodity Types


California Energy Commission (CEC) Reports: The CEC’s creates several reports including the weekly Refinery Inputs and Production and Refinery Stocks charts.

US Energy Information Administration (EIA) Reports: The EIA provides regular updates and reports on the energy infrastructure and supplies in the United States and Abroad. There is the This Week in Petroleum and Weekly Petroleum Status Report released every Wednesday. The EIA’s What’s New page provides an overview of new information posted within the last 7 and 30 days.

Week Fuel Stock Charts by PADD (California is in PADD 5 – West Coast): Crude Oil, Total Motor Gasoline, Distillate Fuel Oil (includes diesel), Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel, Residual Fuel Oil, and Propane/Propylene.

GasBuddy Outage Tracker: This outage tracker map provides crowd sourced information on which fueling stations have power and gas. Users will need to zoom into the desired area on the map and then click the “Redo Search in This Area” button in the upper right.

AAA Regional Average Gas Prices: AAA tracks average gas prices (regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel) at both the county and metro levels with information updated daily.

Data for Alternative Fuels and Vehicles: The U.S Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center provides information about alternative fuels and advanced vehicles in California, including laws and incentives, fueling stations, fuel prices.

Food Commodities

Crop Progress & Condition Report: This U.S. Department of Agriculture report includes information on crop planting progress, crop development and harvesting progress. It is posted weekly from April through November, and monthly December through March.

Weekly Weather & Crop Bulletin: This bulletin is jointly prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Commerce. It provides provides a source of information on U.S. and global weather, climate, and agricultural developments, along with seasonally appropriate agrometeorological charts and tables.

Weekly U.S. Agriculture in Drought: This publication utilizes the U.S. Drought Monitor, provided by the National Drought Mitigation Center, to highlight agricultural areas impacted by drought, and quantifies these impacts in terms of the percent of an agricultural commodity located within varying magnitudes of dryness. Individual maps including archived versions can be found on the National Drought Mitigation Center page for U.S. Agricultural Commodities in Drought.

USDA Fruit and Vegetable Truck Rate Report: This weekly report produced by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service shows general truck availability and rates for 19 different regions including Imperial/Coachella Valley, Kern District, Oxnard District, Santa Maria, and South District in California.

USDA Dairy Market News Report: This weekly report produced by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service highlights dairy market news for products such as milk, cheese, butter, and dairy powders. While most of the content is on general market news including market supply, it does at times contain information on how significant events are impacting the different products. Archives of the weekly report are also available allowing a view back in time.

USDA Grain Transportation Report: This weekly report produced by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service covers developments affecting the transport of grain, both in the domestic and international marketplace.

USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates: This report is released monthly, and provides annual forecasts for supply and use of U.S. and world wheat, rice, coarse grains, oilseeds, and cotton. The report also covers U.S. supply and use of sugar, meat, poultry eggs and milk, as well as Mexico’s supply and use of sugar.


Major Reservoir Conditions: The California Department of Water Resources provides a daily status update for the water storage levels in the major water supply reservoirs for the state. This data is also available in a downloadable pdf version.

Dry Well Reporting: The California Natural Resources Agency tracks dry well reports across the state. This information is available in three formats: a high-level state overview, a summary of dry wells by county, and downloadable csv file.

EPA Current Supply Chain Disruptions: This page provides information about the status of supply disruptions affecting water and wastewater systems sector.


FDA Drug Shortages List: TheFDA tracks drug shortages at the national level. For this list a drug is considered to be in shortage when the total supply of all versions of a commercially available product cannot meet the current demand, and a registered alternative manufacturer will not meet the current and/or projected demands for the potentially medically necessary use(s) at the patient level. For information about this list can be found of the FDA’s FAQs about Drug Shortages page.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Drug Shortage List: ASHP and the University of Utah also maintain a drug shortage list. The ASHP list includes drugs and information that are beyond the scope of the medically necessary drugs included on the FDA list. ASHP provides a FDA and ASHP Shortage Parameters list that contrasts the differences between the FDA and ASHP Drug Shortage Websites.

RxOpen: Rx Open, run by Healthcare Ready, provides information on the operating status of healthcare facilities in areas impacted by a disaster. When the map is active for an event, users can use the Facilities map to search for individual facility status. Check the banner above the Facilities Map title to see if the map is active or inactive.

Links for Specific Transportation Modes


US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Emergency Declarations, Waivers, Exemptions and Permits: This page provides a summary overview of Federal Emergency Declarations by FMCSA and FMCSA Service Centers, State Emergency Declarations by State, Canadian Emergency Declarations, and Federal Notice of Enforcement Discretion Determination.

USDA Agricultural Refrigerated Truck Quarterly Report: This quarterly report produced by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service provides a view of U.S. regional refrigerated truckload movements, in terms of volume and rates, to gauge the vital component of truck transportation applied to fresh fruit and vegetable markets. It also features a rotating regional focus and a review of relevant issues that impact fresh fruit and vegetable truck transportation.

FreightWaves’ Trucking News Pages: FreightWaves has three different trucking related news pages – Truckload Freight NewsLess than Truckload (LTL) News, and Truckload Indexes. “Truckload shipping refers to the movement of freight in the amounts necessary to fill an entire semi-truck or intermodal container. This is in contrast to less than truckload (LTL) shipping, where freight from multiple sources is mixed and transported in one truck or shipping container.”

Parcel Freight

UPS and FedEx Service Alerts: Both UPS and FedEx have pages that list current areas experiencing significant service disruptions.

USPS Service Alerts: USPS has three service alert pages – Residential, Business Mailer, and International.

FreightWaves’ Parcel Freight News: This FreightWaves’ news page provides news and trends reports related to parcel freight. “Unlike freight shipping, which moves goods in large quantities (whole truckloads or shipping containers, for example), parcel shipping moves individual goods essentially one at a time (usually by truck or plane). … Freight is almost exclusively used by commercial shippers, while small- to medium-sized retail shippers usually use parcel freight.”

Freight Rail

Union Pacific Customer News: This page provides customer updates from Union Pacific including impacts from larger incidents and events.

BNSF Customer Notifications: This page provides customer notices from BNSF. Overviews of service disruptions are usually best found in one of the Products Network Updates.

Association of American Railroads’ Rail Traffic Data: While most of the AAR’s statistical data is only available to their members, they do post a Weekly Rail Traffic Data chart on their website. On their News page you can also find a written Weekly Rail Traffic summary.

DHL’s Rail Freight Market Overview: This monthly update from DHL provides a summary overview of global rail freight market developments, from volumes and capacity to freight rates and transit times.

FreightWaves’ Railroad News: This FreightWaves’ news page provides news, trends, and reports concerning rail freight transport.

Maritime Shipping

MarineTraffic: The MarineTraffic site allows for global monitoring of marine vessel traffic. For certain vessels additional data such as name, type of vessel, port of origin, and destination may also be available. In addition to vessel tracking the site also has information on ports and marinas. For California that includes among others the Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Stockton. Information on other ports and marinas can be through the sites main port database page.

DHL’s Ocean Freight Market Update: This monthly update from DHL provides a summary overview of global ocean freight market developments, including supply & demand growth to freight rates and carrier news.

DHL’s Ocean Reefer Market Update: This monthly update from DHL focuses specifically on reefer, temperature controlled, ocean freight.

Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA): PMSA is an independent, not-for-profit shipping association that focuses on issues affecting international trade. They publish a monthly West Coast Trade Report and occasional other Press Releases.

Air Freight

National Airspace System Status: The FAA’s National Airspace System Status page provides a quick overview of Active Airport Events, Active En Route Events, and Forecast Events.

FAA NOTAMs: The FAA issues NOTAMs (Notice to Air Missions) for a variety of reasons including keeping air space clear for wildfire suppression activities and special security events. The FAA provides a map and list of all active NOTAMs. The page is currently set to focus in on California, but users can zoom in or out and select other states.

FlightRadar24: The FlightRadar24 site provides global flight tracking with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. FlightRadar24 is also available as an app.

DHL’s Air Freight State of the Industry: This monthly update from DLH provides a summary overview of global air freight market developments, including supply & demand growth and rates to capacity utilization and jet fuel prices.

FreightWaves’ American Shipper Air Freight Forwarding Industry News:  This FreightWaves’ news page provides recent news headlines, trends, and analysis reports relating to air freight forwarding and air cargo.

Other Links

Incident Reports

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSM) Incident Investigation Reports: ​​​​​Accident Reports are one of the main products of an NTSB investigation. Reports provide details about the accident, analysis of the factual data, conclusions and the probable cause of the accident, and the related safety recommendations. It can take moths to years after an incident for a report to be published. NTSB has both a map/list of open investigations as well as a page for their published investigation reports. Other updates on on-going investigations can be found on the NTSB’s Newsroom page.

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