ARkStorm Scenario Webinar

ARkStorm Scenario Webinar

On January 8, 2020 the California Resiliency Alliance hosted a webinar on the USGS ARkStorm Scenario.

The USGS ARkStorm scenario addresses massive U.S. West Coast storms similar to those that devastated California in 1861-62 and with magnitudes projected to become more frequent and intense as a result of climate change. In this extreme, but plausible, atmospheric river event, the Central Valley experiences hypothetical flooding 300 miles long and 20 or more miles wide. Serious flooding also occurs in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area, and other coastal communities. Windspeeds in some places reach 125 miles per hour, hurricane-force winds. Across wider areas of the state, winds reach 60 miles per hour. Hundreds of landslides damage roads, highways, and homes.

Dale Cox, one of the scenario’s authors and the Project Manager for USGS’s Science Application for Risk Reduction, presented on the ArkStorm Scenario and what it means for California.

Here is the recording of the webinar.

Check out CRA’s page for the ARkStorm Scenario report for a link to the USGS report, excerpts from the reports, and additional reference links.

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