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Thank you for supporting the CRA

It is through the generous support of individuals and organizations like you that the California Resiliency Alliance is able to continue its operations.

Your donation helps the CRA continue to provide timely and relevant situational information and share curated information, tools, and resources via its dynamic distribution list so you can spend your time using the information instead of trying to find it.

Additionally, it supports the more behind the scenes resilience work the CRA does such as promoting public-private partnerships by actively engaging in forums, workshops, and conferences; providing a cross-sector perspective into public sector planning initiatives; and serving as an anonymizing entity to help facilitate awareness about issues and topics while protecting sensitive information and sources.

The CRA is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit, so you donation is tax deductible to the extent legally allowed.

Explore some of the resources on the CRA’s website.

Links to these resources and others are also accessible via the Resource dropdown in the main menu.

Quick Link Pages

These pages bring together collections of links around specific topics and are more focused on response and situational awareness.

Incident Resource Pages

These webpages bring together resource links, maps, and social media feeds for specific incidents.

Past Webinars

Recordings of some of the California Resiliency Alliance’s past webinars are posted on our website.