Monkeypox Quick Links Page


Page Last Updated: September21, 2022

This Quick Links page provides a collection of national, state, and county links related to the current monkeypox outbreak.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Monkeypox Page

Case Maps:  United States      Global


Reducing Stigma in Monkeypox Communication and Community Engagement

Outreach Resources: Print Resources      Graphics       Videos

Traveler’s Health – Monkeypox in Multiple Countries

CDC’s Response to the 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak

CDC’s Monkeypox What’s New & Updated


US Health & Human Services – Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR)

JYNNEOS Monkeypox Vaccine Distribution by Jurisdiction – includes table of vaccine doses distributed to jurisdictions

SNS Products: Vaccines and Antiviral Drug Available for Use in Monkeypox Response


Other Federal Government Monkeypox Pages

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

World Health Organization (WHO)

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox FAQ Page

County Pages

Alameda County

MPX in Alameda County

MPX Guidance & Resources

Contra Costa County

Monkeypox Page

Fresno County

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox Information for Providers

Imperial County

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox Resources

Monkeypox Information for Healthcare Providers

Inyo County

Monkeypox Page

Kern County

Monkeypox Page

Resources for Employers

Los Angeles County

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox County Data

Monkeypox Resources & Guidance

Healthcare Provider Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox Public Health Press Releases

City of Long Beach Public Health Monkeypox Page

Marin County

Monkeypox Page

Monterey County

Monkeypox Page

Napa County

Monkeypox Page

Orange County

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox Vaccine Availability

Placer County

Monkeypox Page

Riverside County

Monkeypox Page

Sacramento County

Monkeypox Page

San Bernardino County

Monkeypox Page

San Diego County

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox (MPOX) Local Cases

San Francisco

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox Case Count

Monkeypox FAQ

Monkeypox Outreach Toolkit

Monkeypox Info & Guidance for SF Healthcare Providers

Health Alerts

San Joaquin County

Monkeypox Page

San Luis Obispo County

Monkeypox Page

San Mateo County

Monkeypox Information and Guidance

Monkeypox Response

Santa Barbara County

Monkeypox Page

Santa Clara County

Monkeypox Page

Santa Cruz County

Monkeypox Page

Shasta County

Monkeypox Page

Sierra County

Communicable Disease – Monkeypox

Solano County

Monkeypox Page

Sonoma County

Monkeypox Page

Stanislaus County

Monkeypox Page

Tulare County

Monkeypox Page

Monkeypox Information for Health Care Providers

Ventura County

Monkeypox Page

Other Links

Healthcare Ready Global Monkeypox Outbreak

Nextstrain Genomic Epidemiology of Monkeypox Virus

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Monkeypox Updates

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Monkeypox Updates – Email Signup: Under the “Email Lists” option select ”Health Security Updates/Alerts (May 2022 Monkeypox updates)”


Access to Research Reports

Springer Nature, with a catalog of more than 3,000 journals worldwide, is making all monkeypox related content free to access

Elsevier, with a catalog of more than 2,700 journals worldwide, has established an online monkeypox research and health hub and is making all monkeypox-related health, medical, and biomedical science articles free to access.

Several publishers have also committed to providing free access to monkeypox-related articles in their journals, including Cell, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), The Lancet, Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, and Science.