New Board of Directors

October 21, 2022

New Board of Directors


It gives me great pleasure to announce that at the CRA has a new Board of Directors. The role of the CRA Board is to provide strategic leadership and guidance for the organization. The new board brings together a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences.

Andrea Davis, the President and CEO of The Resiliency Initiative, stepped up as the new Board Chair. She brings a wealth of both public and private sector experience spanning the local to global perspectives.

She is joined on the board by:

    • Gabriel Almon, Senior Director of Policy & Research at Television Academy
    • Eileen Connors, Emergency Services Manager for the City of Simi Valley
    • Jeff Dell, Crisis Management Senior Executive
    • David Ebarle, Communications Manager with the Oakland Fire Department
    • Lucas Eckroad, Director of Employee Resilience at The Walt Disney Company
    • Niall Kavanagh, Communications Officer at the Global Brain Health Institute, UCSF
    • Jackie Koci Tamayo, Senior Emergency Planning Coordinator with the Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management
    • Stasha Wyskiel, Senior Director of Resiliency, Global Safety and Security at Salesforce

The new board held its first Board Meeting in late September and I am excited for the direction that CRA is headed – continuing to build on the work of the past six years. Stayed tuned for new opportunities to engage and support the CRA’s work.

You can find more information about each of the board members by visiting the About CRA page.


– Monika Stoeffl, Executive Director


CRA’s Board of Directors

Headshot picture of CRA Board Chair Andrea Davis
Andrea Davis
Headshot picture of CRA Executive Director Monika Stoeffl
Monika Stoeffl
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Gabby Almon
Gabby Almon
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Eileen Connors
Eileen Connors
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Jeff Dell
Jeff Dell
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Dave Ebarle
David Ebarle
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Lucas Eckroad
Lucus Eckroad
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Niall Kavanagh
Niall Kavanagh
Headshot picture of CRA Board Member Jackie Koci Tamayo
Jackie Koci Tamayo
Headshot of CRA Board Member Stasha Wyskiel
Stasha Wyskiel