Interested in Serving on the CRA Board of Directors?

Interested in serving on the CRA Board of Directors?

September 5, 2023

The California Resiliency Alliance has an 11 person Board of Directors, which plays a crucial role in the governance and strategic direction of the CRA. Board members are responsible for providing leadership, oversight, and guidance to ensure the CRA fulfills its mission, operates ethically, and maintains financial sustainability.

Board members have 4 key responsibilities:

Mission and Strategy: Board members contribute to the development and refinement of the CRA’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.

Governance and Oversight: Board members review and approve the CRA annual budget, financial reports, and key policies. Additionally, board members ensure compliance with legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements.

Fundraising and Resource Development: Board members contribute to fundraising efforts by leveraging personal and professional networks to connect potential donors, sponsors, and partners to the CRA.

Advocacy and Representation: Board members act as an ambassador for the organization promoting the CRA’s mission and initiatives.

Who We are Looking for:

Leaders with backgrounds in organizations and operational resilience, communications, or cross-sector partnerships. Skills in fundraising / organizational financial management, cross-sector information sharing, partnership building, or board service a plus.

Champions with a willingness to advocate for the CRA and contribute resources- time, expertise, and networks.

Strong supporters with a passion for the CRA’s mission

The Commitment:

Fulfill the board member key responsibilities, including active participation and attendance at a minimum of two of three board meetings a year.

Fulfillment of annual give or get requirements. The terms of the annual give/get requirement will be established at annual CRA board meeting typically in September or October of each year. For 2024, the CRA chair’s recommendation is an annual give of $1,000 OR a get of $5,000 in donations for each board of director.

Willingness to serve a two-year term with the possibility of renewal.

Interested candidates should email Andrea Davis, CRA Board Chair, at with their resume and cover letter outlining why they are interested in serving on the board.