Air Quality Event Preparedness & Response Survey

Air Quality Event Preparedness & Response Survey


Last year there were days when smoke from fires caused air quality in portions of California to be called the worst in the world. A heavy haze hung in the air impacting many facets of peoples lives and the ability of businesses to operate normally.

The California Resiliency Alliance (CRA), Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA), and Californiafirst Coalition have teamed up to conduct a survey of how organizations, both public and private, are planning / preparing for and responding to air quality events in California. The survey contains three sections:

1) Organizational Demographics & General Preparedness Structures
2) Air Quality Event – Planning, Activation, Response, and Recovery
3) Employee Perspective

Even if you don’t manage air quality event planning or response, you can provide insights on your understanding of your organization’s plans and your perspective as an employee.

The more data points we have, the better insights we can provide in the report, so please feel free to share the survey link below with your colleagues and/or clients. The survey will close July 31, 2019 at 11:59PM.

Take the Survey

Results will be tabulated anonymously. Our goal is for members of the three organizations and all other’s who participate in the survey (and request a copy*) to receive a copy of the final report in late Q3 2019.

* After submitting the survey, participants will have the opportunity to submit their contact information, independent of the survey.