2023 CA Weather & Wildfire Outlook Webinar Recording Now Available

2023 CA Weather & Wildfire Outlook Webinar Recording Now Available

May 31, 2023

On May 31, 2023, the CRA hosted a webinar on Weather and Wildfire Outlook. The webinar covered a wide range of weather related topics along with cascading impacts to critical infrastructure and communities.

Sunny Wescott, a lead meteorologist for the Infrastructure Security Division at CISA, presented an outlook covering a wide range of weather related events. Her presentation also highlighted how these events are connected and their impacts on communities and various infrastructures.

This is a webinar worth watching not just for the outlook, but enhancing your understanding of the connections between weather, infrastructure, and communities.

Topics covered include:

    • Weather Threats to Stability
    • Atmospheric Rivers
    • Drought, including its impact on seismic activity
    • Seasonal Climate Forecasts: Summer – Fall/Early Winter 2023
    • Wind Events
    • Radiative Heat Threats and Impacts to Infrastructures
    • La Niña vs Neutral vs El Niño
    • Tropical Cyclones
    • California’s Cycle of Drought and Floods
    • Severe Storms (tornados and hail)
    • Fire Weather
    • Landslides, Mudslides, Debris Flows, and Rockslides
    • Regional Subsidence Threats
    • Warming Surface Waters, Diseases, and Algae Blooms
    • Valley Fever Expansion Due to Climate Warming
    • Global Impacts of Extreme Weather
    • Community Impacts & Climate Migration

The presentation’s slide deck (available for download on the webinar page) also includes a wealth of additional information.