Air Quality Event Report

Air Quality Event Report: A guide to how organizations are planning, preparing, and responding to events


As the risk of air quality events increases, and they become a recognized hazard, more attention and planning will be required.

The goal of the report is to increase the understanding of the impacts of air quality events and how others are managing them; thereby, supporting organizations in their planning and preparedness efforts.

Report sections address:

The Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • The Effects of Air Quality Events on People and Organizations
  • Planning for Air Quality Events
  • Protecting Employees / Reducing Exposure
  • Minimizing Business Impacts
  • Monitoring Air Quality Levels
  • Information Sharing
  • Respondents’ Planning Assumptions
  • Employee Opinions of what Employers Should Do
  • Additional Concerns About Air Quality Events

Three appendices include respirator usage, AQI considerations, and a collection of resources.

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Resource Details

California Resiliency Alliance;

July 2020

39 pages

Air Quality Events

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