Psychological Preparedness for Natural Hazards

Psychological Preparedness for Natural Hazards – Improving Disaster Preparedness Policy and Practice


Incorporating psychological preparedness into existing disaster preparedness policies and practices has the potential to help individuals cope with the psychological distress experienced during or after a disaster, and to foster long-term resilience. This 43-page paper details how the incorporation of aspects of psychological preparedness into disaster preparedness measures will strengthen disaster management practices overall.

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Griffith University

July 2019

43 pages

Disaster Psychology
Mental Health

Table of Contents

Current State of Disaster Preparedness Measures
The Mental Health Impact of Disasters
Stress and Coping In The Disaster Context
Research on Psychological Preparedness
Situational and Psychological Preparedness
Mental Health and Psychological Preparedness
Defining and Measuring Psychological Preparedness For Disasters
Study 1: Psychological Preparedness Scale Development and Validation
Study 2: Measuring Psychological Preparedness and Mental Health
Previous Experience with Natural Hazards
Conclusion and Discussion
Psychological Preparedness for Disaster Threat Scale (PPDTS)

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