Disaster Recovery Case Studies Superstorm Sandy

Disaster Recovery Case StudiesĀ US Storms 2012: Superstorm Sandy


This report focuses on the US east coast region impacted by Superstorm Sandy (‘Sandy’) in 2012, as a case study of a high-income economy with relatively high GDP per capita and non-life insurance penetration. It outlines the characteristics of the immediate and long-term recovery of the region affected by Sandy, and discusses controls on recovery, such as the influence of the socioeconomic and political climates at both the regional and national levels. Further, it addresses the speed and effectiveness of disaster recovery in relation to the disaster governance and funding.

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University of Cambridge Center for Risk Studies and XL Catlin

September 2018

12 pages


Table of Contents

Meteorological overview
Prediction and planning Impacts
Impacts on life and livelihood Impacts on infrastructure Impacts on employment Sectoral impacts
Business and finance impacts
Macroeconomic impacts and insurance Disaster management and funding
Immediate disaster funding and response
Insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program Recovery
Socioeconomic recovery
Housing and displacement Conclusions

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