Data Sharing in Public Health Emergencies

Data Sharing in Public Health Emergencies: Learning from Past Outbreaks


In a bid to develop a deeper understanding of the obstacles and enablers of data sharing during emergency situations, Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development (DfID) commissioned international academic groups to develop six case studies on behalf of the GloPID-R data-sharing working group. Based on extensive literature reviews and stakeholder interviews, these cases studies explore data- sharing practices during a range of infectious disease outbreaks of varying severity, geographical exposure and public health impact, and where medical countermeasures were or were not available.

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Commissioned by Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development

March 2019

35 pages

Emergency Communications
Infectious Diseases

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Case Study Project

Emergent Themes
– Data sharing is complex
– Many obstacles to data sharing are common across outbreak scenarios; some are context-specific
– What constitutes a public health emergency may not be clearcut

Obstacles and Enablers
– International relationships
– National interests and capacities
– Cultural and behavioural factors
– Academic publishing models and academic culture


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