October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting Final After Action Review

October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting Final After Action Review


The undertaking of this review is to probe deeply into what went well and what could have been done differently but also to collect lessons learned for other organizations. As the number of active- shooter incidents grows annually around the world, the more we share within the field, the better positioned we all are to respond effectively to the scene and to victims, their families, and the community at large. The first section of this AAR describes the methodology behind this effort and the different sources from which the findings and recommendations are drawn. The remainder of this review is organized around a series of themes that emerged from the analysis, such as leadership, partnering agencies, equipment, and technology, among many other topics. Each section provides an overview of the events and response, a discussion of what worked well, lessons learned for LVMPD and the field of policing in general, and recommendations for the Agency moving forward.

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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

June 2019

164 pages

Active Shooter
Armed Assailant
Lessons Identified

Table of Contents (shortened)


– First Responder Readiness
– Private-Sector Engagement
– Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
– Las Vegas Security Chiefs Association
– Command Post Liaison Identification Card
– Private Sector Emergency Response Teams
– Events Planning Section
– Route 91 Harvest Music Festival
– Route 91 Harvest Music Festival Event Staffing
– Interior Command Post

Sequence of Events

Scene Response
– Scene Response to the Las Vegas Village Lot
– Scene Response into Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
– SWAT Response
– Response from Law Enforcement Resources
– Distractions
– Response to Mesquite, Nevada, Residence
– Response to Reno, Nevada, Residence and Storage Unit

Incident Command

Department Operations Center

Communications Bureau

External Communication
– Public Information Office
– The Evening of 1 October
– Public Information Hotline
– Hours, Days, and Months Following
– Release of Disparate Information
– Social Media
– The Media


Leadership ( Dispersed & Strategic)

Partnering Agencies
– First Responder Agencies
– Federal Partners

Equipment and Technology
– Logistics
– Radio Systems

Policy and Training

Victims, Survivors, and Family Response
– Initial Refuge: Thomas & Mack Center
– Family Reunification: L VMPD Headquarters
– Family Assistance Center at the Las Vegas Convention Center
– Partners in Victim and Survivor Response
– Ongoing Support for Survivors: Vegas Strong Resiliency Center

Employee Wellness and Healing

The Months after 1 October


Table of Recommendations

In Memoriam

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