CRA Membership – Benefits of Joining

Three types of membership:

Individual – open to individuals who’s activities support local and regional resiliency efforts in the public and/or private sector.

Corporate – organizational level membership supporting the CRA through financial or in-kind support. This membership includes extra benefits for employees who are also individual members.

Partner – Non-Profits, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and government agencies/departments that support the CRA’s information sharing network.

As a member of the California Resiliency Alliance you get connected into a broad information sharing network that the CRA is actively working to expand from the local city level to the state and national levels.

Our new communication infrastructure allows members to set their areas of interest:

Geographic Area: California has 58 counties. You can select those that are of specific interest to you.

Industries: Today’s businesses often span multiply industries. You can select up to three industries of interest.

Topics of Interest: While as members we all have an interest in resiliency, we recognize that members have varying job responsibilities and focus areas. Topics of interest include:

  • Business Operations Centers – The link between the public sector EOCs and the private sector
  • Capabilities Planning
  • Community Preparedness – Taking a whole-community approach
  • Critical Lifelines – Communication, Power, Gas, Water, Wastewater
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships: Coordination & Planning
  • Cyber Threats & Security
  • Economic & Long-Term Recovery
  • Exercises & Trainings – Across the sectors
  • Gov’t Policy, Regulations, and Laws
  • Infrastructure (Facility) Protection
  • Local, Regional, State, and Federal Plans
  • Mitigation Plans & Activities
  • Mutual Aid and MOUs
  • Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Storms
  • Pandemic & Infectious Diseases
  • Terrorism & Active Shooters
  • Transportation Infrastructure & Supply Chain

Individual Member Benefits

  • Situational Awareness Reports
  • Topic Based Informational Briefs
  • Invitations to webinars and in-person events

Corporate Membership

Corporate members support the CRA through financial or in-kind support, furthering the mission of the CRA.

Corporate Membership Benefits include:

  • Dedicate Corporate Member Page on the CRA website highlighting resiliency initiatives
  • Inclusion in regional and topic briefs as part of the sponsor spotlights
  • Recognition at CRA events
  • Access to invite only events*

* This benefits extend to all employees of the company who are also individual members of the CRA.

Contact us for more information about becoming a corporate member.

Partners are non-profits, associations, chambers, and government agencies/departments that support the CRA’s information sharing network.

Partner Membership Benefits include:

  • Dedicate Partner Page on the CRA website
  • Sharing of Resiliency related events on the CRA events calendar
  • CRA Partner Initiatives Brief (Monthly) – Highlighting initiatives of partner organization to promote cross sector collaboration
  • Inclusion in regional and topic briefs as part of the partner spotlights

Contact us for more information about becoming a partner.